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The Millbrook Volunteer Fire Department was originally established as the Millbrook, Coosada, and Robinson Springs Fire Department in 1943. The first fire truck was home built by Mr. John Cooper of Coosada at the direction of the Millbrook Men’s Club and served the Tri Communities for nearly 10 years. During this time, the truck was housed under a canvas tarp at the rear of a local hardware store, which also served as the only area fire department. It was operated by the members of the Millbrook Men’s club as a club function. 

In 1952, the community, through donations, purchased a combination pumper-tanker.

A local service station, owned by a volunteer firefighter served as the fire station for

this new truck until a new station was built in 1955. This station, in the Millbrook

Community Center, served as the home for the fire department until October 1979,

when it was replaced by Station 1 at 3820 Grandview Road. It was not uncommon for

volunteers returning from a fire to have to stand in the highway with donation buckets

to raise enough money to put gas in the trucks. 

By 1968, the fire department had declined and the equipment had fallen into disrepair.

There were no regular meetings and absolutely no training. Finally, the engine on one

of the trucks blew up and it was parked with no means to get it repaired. In August

1968, an organizational meeting was held to re-establish the fire department. The name was changed to the Tri Community Fire Department and the long hard road toward a functional fire department had begun. Over the years, every type of fund raising event imaginable was conducted by the department. Some were successful and some were not, but the overall success of the department can be attributed to its active public relations program. The program increased donations and fostered public interest in the fire department. This paid off when the time came for a major investment in the department.  

                                                                                                       Since the reorganization in 1968, the Millbrook Fire

                                                                                                       Department has been involved in the establishment

                                                                                                       of many community institutions. In 1970, the

                                                                                                       department became involved in emergency medical

                                                                                                       services by providing ambulance service to the

                                                                                                       community. The fire department initiated the annual

                                                                                                       Millbrook Festival Armed Forces Day Celebration. In

                                                                                                       1972, the department served as the host organization

                                                                                                       for the Millbrook Incorporation Committee, a

                                                                                                       federation of local civic clubs organized for the

                                                                                                       purpose of incorporating the large community. Realizing that this was the only permanent solution to the financial problems, the department worked hard toward the establishment of the City of Millbrook.      

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